Model Street Style for Fall 2018 – Paris Fashion Week


What else can we say besides the fact Paris delivered. For Paris Fashion Week, the models were in a league of their own, and they were not just from Europe. We even met a model from Chicago, Illinois! Paris was a melting pot of individuality, yet, there was one common thread – personal style.

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We loved what we saw here and must admit, this was a hard piece to edit.


It’s true. Prints can be overdone. Yet, we are liking what this model as wearing as the color is not only amazing against her skin, but she balanced the busy print with the neutral black pants and accessories. Also, did you notice how her sweatshirt is perfectly tied around her waist? This was a hot day and rather than carrying it, she leveraged it as a way to define her waist.


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For this look, you have heard us say it before, and we are going to say it again. It is all about the accessories. In this case, it is the handbag. It takes this “basic” look and pulls it together. We also appreciate the simplicity in the makeup and hair, although, the former is most likely from the model removing her runway makeup before leaving.


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Lingerie as daywear. Yes, you can do it, and this is model look offers some inspiration. We speak a lot about swimwear as daywear, although, this is a great way to style lingerie while still looking day appropriate and fun.


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Here we go again! Have fun with prints. Own the look by making them a reflection of you.


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Jumpsuits were seen all over the street scene. We find them easy-to-wear, and you can easily dress them up or down. In fact, we featured a jumpsuit in our “Urban Chic” – MalenDyer Exclusive Swimwear Editorial.


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There is so much good styling going on in this image. We have proof that a matching plaid outfit is not just for school and denim and denim is reinforced as the way to go. Yet, what stands out for us are the sunglasses and those sneakers. Again, rock those accessories!


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Although this makeup is from the runway show, we cannot get enough of this lipstick. It goes so well with this model’s overall look, as it adds another dimension to her outfit. It takes the printed top to the next level – it adds an edge.


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This blazer does it all. It balances out the Tee so well while adding an elevated touch to this look.


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The sunglasses, the jacket, the bag…yes, yes and yes! This is proof you need to wear what you love. When you do, your style is evident. Your style is an extension of you.


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P.S. For the featured image, pay attention to these model’s belts. They are what take this look from “just” a denim look to A denim outfit.