La Revêche Founder Sara Melis Re-Imagines Swimwear and Resets the Bar on Swimwear Design


La Revêche is a swimwear brand that pays attention to the details. The craftsmanship is evident, and each pieces instantly makes us feel beautiful. There is a playful touch to the romanticism that exudes from a La Revêche swimsuit.

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La Revêche – sara melis
“It was really hard to find the right tailors,” shared founder and designer Sara Melis. “Nothing is mechanic, and there are many steps to follow with several people working on the products up until they are finished and packed. This is one of the aspects I care more about. I want this value to be passed down in each of the swimsuit my La Revêche girls wear.”

Melis founded her swimwear brand in Sardinia, where her designs are also handmade. She originally found inspiration for the brand before the brand was most likely even in her sights. As a child, her mother gave her headbands with floral details. It was this detail that stayed with her and helped to form the foundation for La Revêche’s floral designs.

“The flower as an element is very particular and eccentric. It has to be used in the right way.”

“The flower as an element is very particular and eccentric,” shared Melis. “It has to be used in the right way, in order not to make it gross. Many brands started copying me and the result was to put flowers everywhere, in an excessive way. We all know the excess of something is never nice, but actually vulgar.”


The brand seems to be growing from strength to strength. Melis has collaborated with Luisa Via Roma and partnered with Moda Operandi and the Dope Factory, along with having been featured in various magazine editorials. When we spoke with her about these accomplishments, she seems to take it all in stride while being extremely grateful and open for what will happen next. She went as far as to share with us how “everything that has happened is amazing”.

We appreciate how humble Melis is, especially knowing how she is changing the way many look at swimwear. Instead of seeing them as fast fashion or “just” something for the beach, she is pushing the swimwear boundaries. She is infusing the industry with something new and we think, much needed. Melis spoke with us more about her brand’s journey.


“The fact people around me started loving what I was doing, and then came the appreciation on Instagram. Every new follower was a success for me – everything was real. Then the website came, and I started receiving emails and requests from many important magazines and then Luisa Via Roma asked me to collaborate. That was when I realized I had created something that could really represent the beauty of every woman.”

“The concept [of La Revêche] is to feel beautiful in every situation. After all, love starts also at the beach right?”

“La Revêche represents the charm and the strength of the woman who puts it on,” as stated in the brand’s website. So, we wanted to hear from Melis what she looks for when choosing a model, someone who represents her vision and her brand.

“I would like every model to represent femininity and sensuality. People might think ‘this is too much for the beach’ when they see my swimsuits. But no, the concept is to feel beautiful in every situation. After all, love starts also at the beach right?”

Not only in seeing the brand but especially after speaking with Melis, her passion for her work and the women who wear her designs in palpable. She acknowledges swimsuits are core to her business but teases there is much more to come. And, we will be looking forward to seeing what is coming next.


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