MalenDyer Manifesto

We at MD Believe…

  • Models Rule! Nothing against actresses, but we like it when models grace the covers of glossy mags.
  • Photoshopping is ok in fashion! Isn’t fashion about the fantasy anyhow?
  • Beach time should be all of the time.
  • In quality products.
  • Life should be enjoyed.

Oh, and we have a soft spot for otters.

This is the Otterlicious way of life.


The Journey of MalenDyer

MalenDyer was created out of the desire to bridge two worldsbeach living and high-fashion glamour. While one founder grew up on the beach and often in his mum’s own design shop, the other was often in her grandmother’s sewing room and dreaming of the big city.

Then, from the beaches of San Diego, MalenDyer was born where the laid-back, yoga-loving, health-crazed lifestyle became a staple to the MD brand.

From there, it continued to evolve while both founders gained experienced within the professional industry. While one continued to design and create his own clothing – selling to clients in London, Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, Vancouver, Toronto and Sydney, among other destinations, the other worked within the luxury fashion sector in New York City.

Now, the MalenDyer Team has come together to bring its global experience and reach to you, and bring you the best of beach living, models, fashion and travel.

Stay tuned, as this journey is just getting good…