Model Elena Mueller – Cinq Questions

model's own artwork

Elena Mueller is a model, artist and someone who uses her social media reach as a platform to bring awareness to the use of plastics, among other things. We are excited we got to speak with her for our Cinq Questions series where we got to speak about more than modeling.

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Modeling aside for a moment, what is your favorite part about being an artist?
Being an artist is my way of meditating. I love coming home after a long day and painting. It calms me down a lot and gets me to express myself.

first showing, NY, NY

Raphael Mazzucco is definitely my inspiration. I am lucky to call him a friend and to have worked with him a couple of times. He is an exceptional human and an amazing mentor.

Mickey, ph: Jared Thomas Kocka

What has Muay Thai done for you since you started it?
It has changed me so much. It’s the best sport for me. It pushes me to my limits and shows me how strong I can be. It is also very comforting to know that I could defend myself, if I had to.

Why is bringing awareness to the use of plastics important to you?
I think it is very important to use my social media platform for raising awareness and not only for posting my modeling pictures. Traveling to Bali made me realize how bad plastic pollution really is.

Bali, after China, has the worst pollution in the world. But even Americans use 500.000.000 plastic straws a day. I spent a lot of time learning about the problem and the outcomes, and I decided I wanted to make sure that my future children would be able to experience the beauty of mother nature. But, I can’t do it by myself. The mindset of the majority of our world population needs to shift for there to be a change.

What has been your favorite travel destination?
That’s a tough one for me. Modeling gave me the opportunity to travel to so many beautiful places. But if I had to choose, I would say Australia, Africa and Bali.

wearing Sahara Ray Swim, Maya Bay – Koh Phi Phi Leh – Thailand

When traveling, what is something you cannot leave home without?
My camera and my diary. Traveling to different places changes my worldview a lot, and I like to write my thoughts down on my experiences and adventures.

wearing Reformation, ph: Jared Thomas Kocka

BONUS QUESTION: You got a shelter dog – Nor. In three words, how would you describe her?
Strong. Cuddly. Obedient.

Connect with Elena:
Instagram @iamelenam

Elena is represented by:
One Management