Model Laurène Chapuis – Cinq Questions


French model and aspiring actress Laurène Chapuis is next up in our Cinq Questions series. We first spoke with her last August where we learned about her relationship with modeling, modeling aspirations and her love of France. Now, we get a different look at Laurène in this short and sweet series.

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How do you like your coffee?
Coffee and me…it’s a long story!
I forced myself to drink it for years without loving it. About a year ago, I started to really appreciate it – I just take espresso with a lot of sugar!

What are you reading now?
In an airport between two jobs, I bought by chance, a book written by a man I loved a lot. This book is called “Un Jour je m’en irai sans en avoir tout dit”, which means one day I will leave without having said everything. It is by French writer and philosopher Jean d’Ormesson. Nothing feels more good than the wisdom of the elders, with their words full of kindness, melancholy and love.

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How would you describe your personal style?
I think what defines me the best is by far Rock ‘n Roll. I am volcanic, explosive and I like action. I am someone who confronts and especially who LIVES.

What are your favorite fashion brands?
The Kooples is a brand that is pretty chic and [it has a] rock style that suits me. Also, I am a big fan of Kenzo. I love originality! I also love the retro side of Gucci and brands like Vans for more street.


What is something you would not leave home without when traveling?
It’s my less rock side that will talk now… I have a cuddly toy that never leaves me anywhere I go!

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Laurène is represented by Metropolitan Models.