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We got to speak with model Anna-Christina Schwartz earlier this year, and in follow-up to that interview, we wanted to share some more insight into this amazing model by adding her to our Cinq Questions series.

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What is your go-to workout?
I love to dance hip-hop just for fun. Then, I do a bunch of different workouts next to it, including: boxing, Pilates, Hot Yoga, barre, HIIT training, etc.. I like switching it up, so it never gets boring.

Otherwise, I like to go hiking, skiing and skating or playing basketball, soccer, volleyball and golfing – anything fun and outdoors.

What is something that could keep you up at night?
A good movie, show or book can easily keep me up all night – I just get lost in it. Game of Thrones for sure kept me up a bunch of nights!

annachristinaschwartz/ig ph: kyledeleu

How would you describe your personal fashion style?
Casual. Simple. Edgy.

You are German-born, your dad is from the U.S. and you are currently living in New York City – do you prefer a German bratwurst or a slice of New York pizza?
I for sure would take a New York slice of pizza over a Bratwurst or anything else. New York pizza is my absolute favorite, especially Joe’s Pizza.

What are your favorite New York City restaurants?
I am a big foodie – that’s why I live in NYC. We are spoiled with the best restaurants. Here is a little list of my favorite restaurants:

  • American Restaurants: ABC Kitchen, Hudson Clearwater, While We Were Young
  • Cafés/Coffee Shops: Banter NYC, Blue Stone Lane
  • French Restaurants: Cafe Cluny
  • Italian Restaurants: Palma, Santina
  • Mediterranean Restaurants: Antique Garage, Extra Virgin
  • Seafood Restaurants: Lure Fishbar, Milos NYC
  • Sushi Restaurants: BONDST [Bond Street Sushi], SUGARFISH

Connect with Anna-Christina:
Instagram @annachristinaschwartz

Anna-Christina is represented by:
New York Model Management