Anna-Christina Schwartz on Modeling, The Hamptons and Swimwear


Anna-Christina Schwartz is a German-born, half-American model that was discovered when she was 20. She caught our attention a few years back. And, it was her versatility as a model, from sportswear to swimwear to high fashion, that made us want to learn more about her.

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Flash forward to the present where Anna-Christina’s career has continued to grow. We are so happy for her!

In this interview, we wanted to know more about Anna-Christina, including what she has learned about living in New York City to why she enjoys her trips to The Hamptons.


MalenDyer: You’ve modeled for magazine editorials to brand campaigns. What has been a standout moment so far in your career?
Anna-Christina Schwartz: I have done a bunch of shoots, which where very special to me. I loved visiting Marrakesh to shoot the cover for L’Officiel Maroc. And since I love shooting beauty and it was always my dream to be working for Maybelline, I was very excited when they started to book me for their shoots.

“I am thankful to be able to explore the world, see all of these incredible places and meet and work with talented people.”

ACS: I also shot for Karl Lagerfeld‘s clothing line back in Germany and was able to meet him in Paris. That was a very special moment for me as well, meeting such a genius. There are tons of great moments and memories but that would go too long. I am just thankful to be able to explore the world, see all of these incredible places and meet and work with talented people.


MD: You currently live in New York City. Share with us more about you and the Big Apple.
ACS: I have been living in NYC for over four years now. I have learned that you have to stay focused and hustle for your dreams. Especially in a city such as New York, the competition never sleeps. But also, don’t forget to take care of your body, soul and mind – don’t overwork yourself.

MD: You’ve tested your hand at acting, such as in Marc Anthony’s music video “Cambio de Piel”, would you like to do more acting?
ACS: Acting has always been fun for me. Doing music videos and commercials, which allows you to play different roles, is a challenge and I like challenges. I don’t have an ideal type of role [I would seek], but if I had to choose one, it would be Wonder Woman because she has super powers and is a badass.

MD: You can often be found in swimwear. Which brand is your go-to?
ACS: I am glad that I shoot a lot of swimwear since I love the summer, beach and sun. There are so many great swimwear brands out there. I don’t even know where to begin! Some of my favorite are: Eres, Triangl, Fae Swim, Fella Swim, Beach Bunny Swim,…

“In New York City, you have to stay focused and hustle for your dreams.”

MD: Do you prefer a bikini or one piece?
ACS: I love a beautiful one piece with nice cut outs, but I prefer bikinis, simply because it’s better for tanning without getting funny tan lines.

MD: With swimwear, how can we find you styling it?
ACS: I like to combine my swimwear with dainty golden jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces, body chains, rings, etc..


MD: Where is your favorite beach destination?
ACS: I love the beaches in Brazil. The sand is white and super soft like powder. They have the best coconuts. You can take beautiful, long beach walks and they sell these incredibly yummy cheese sticks at the beach. I went there often on family vacations, so I have great memories from there.

MD: On Instagram, you shared your recent getaway to The Hamptons. What was your favorite part of that trip?
ACS: The Hamptons are always a great getaway, especially when you need some time to breathe from the hectic NYC life.

ACS: I just love to be out in the nature when I am there – walking along the beach, jogging in the woods and strolling around the little towns. When there, I enjoy a fun weekend with friends in the house, cooking, playing board games, reading books, watching movies together, etc..

MD: Also in The Hamptons, we spotted you wearing this super comfortable-looking tan jacket – where is that from?
ACS: That brown “teddy bear like” jacket is from this Australian brand called Tiger Mist. I just love fluffy, soft, comfortable things to wear.


MD: If you had to describe your personal fashion style in three words, how would you do it?
ACS: Casual. Simple. Edgy.


Connect with Anna-Christina:
Instagram @annachristinaschwartz

Anna-Christina is represented by:
Fusion Models NYC