Ottergram – A New Perspective

surfer Ivy Thomas, photo: amsimage/instagram

Happy 2019!

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For this Ottergram, we decided it was time to spend a moment with mother nature. So, lean back and enjoy – and bonus points if you can find yourself in the sand, but of course…

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photo: sally_fitz/instagram

Talk about a coffee break with company…

Juan Oliphant #JuanSharks photo: oceanramsey/instagram

Soaring above Cape Cod, in Chatham, Massachusetts…

photo: kaiaw.hiteley/instagram

A bohemian sanctuary…

megan nakata – palm springs, photo: samuelelkins/instagram

“A few years ago in Thailand I found the most perfectly shaped piece of coral I’d ever seen. It was literally a perfect heart. I couldn’t believe it!”

Aomi Coelho of her find in Venice, Florida

photo: aomi_coelho/instagram

A man-made creature gracing the fields…

Maserati Vignale Spyder, photo: cars_neilcruickshank/instagram

And finally, what would a nature-inspired post be without otters? Otters at play at Moss Landing Harbor, in California…

photo: seeourview2017/instagram

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Megan Nakata @mnakata
“Surfer” Ivy Thomas @ivythomas_
“Surfer” Sally Fitzgibbons @sally_fitz

The Photographers
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Ocean Ramsey @oceanramsey
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