Motivation and Fitness with Model Katerina Giannoglou

katerina giannoglou/instagram

We enjoy eating healthy and staying fit, although, having a little motivation doesn’t ever hurt. Whenever we check Instagram, we are often greeted by food or fitness posts from model Katerina Giannoglou. As the New Year is now upon us, we thought it a perfect time to find out how Katerina gets fit, especially with her hectic travel schedule.

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katerina giannoglou/instagram

Katerina on Staying Motivated…

My motivation to workout includes many things.

First, when I am in a city I don’t know but even in cities I know, I run through the streets. I workout and sightsee the same time! I always discover new bars, restaurants and little shops.

Nothing like a view from the top of a conquered hill.

– Katerina on exploring Stuttgart, Germany

Second, that feeling you get after the workout, when you push yourself to your limit. You feel your body, you feel healthy and you feel happy. Nothing is better than this feeling.

katerina giannoglou/instagram

Third, the love of nature. I do love to workout outside in the forest. The nature and the fresh air motivates me. And, at the same time, my girl [puppy] Frida has a good time as well.

And, last but not least, is the body shape you get. It feels good to feel fit and strong, and to see how your body changes as well.

katerina giannoglou/instagram

Quickies with Katerina…

What is your go-to workout when you are short on time?
I do a short, intensive training – 20 minute interval training.

What are your thoughts when you finished your recent 120km bike ride?
I was just happy, and I thought never again – but after five minutes, I thought maybe yes.

When traveling, what fitness-related item do you always pack?
A jump rope and my rubber band.

katerina giannoglou/instagram

How much time you try to dedicate to working out?
I try to do something at least daily, sometimes more and sometimes less.

What is your favorite sport to play?
Beach volleyball and soccer – played as a kid and loved it.

What is your favorite workout gear?
Everything!! I just love workout gear.

katerina giannoglou/instagram

To stay updated on all of Katerina’s adventures, be sure to follow her on Instagram @katerinagiannoglou and view more on Katerina on MalenDyer.