Beach Living Meets Home Design

Photo: local_fare/Instagram

There is a certain lifestyle the beach exudes.

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It’s a way of life that embraces each and every moment, enjoys all aspects of nature and savors the little parts of life.

With that said, this edition of Otter Living, we are going to offer some home design inspiration by looking at beach living.

You know we had fun with this installment.

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Enough talking, let’s head to the beach!

Often with beach living, your home is to sleep and to maybe have your morning breakfast and coffee.

You don’t need to have anything too large or extravagant as you have the beach awaiting, which is your oasis…

Of course, if you have the opportunity to bring the outdoors in, even if it’s more sunshine through enlarged windows, take advantage of the nature that surrounds you…

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As for the interior of your home, we are loving this image for a few reasons:

1. It shows the power of a neutral palette.

2. Yet, it has fun with pops of color.

3. And, it reminds us that nothing should be too perfect – in this case, you can see the vintage, worn-in look of the floor, the desk and the drawer fronts.

To go one step further, play with accessories within the home.

This offers a cost-effective and space-efficient way to bring beach living into your home…

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Above all, make sure your space reflects you…

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From big ideas to small ideas, have fun bringing beach living into your home design.