Bringing the Ocean Life Into the Home

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We can hardly believe it ourselves.

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Fall is already upon us!

As the days continue to get shorter, we can’t help but think about enjoying warm ocean waves.

For this edition of Otter Living, we have a collection of items that will certainly help you bring the ocean into your home and stay warm during the upcoming autumn nights.

Kicking us off is the Brooklyn, New York-based Haptic Lab company that designs quilts, rugs and kites.

The brand’s Sailing Ship Kites caught our attention because they can be flown…

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And, they can be enjoyed indoors, which makes them perfect for year-round use.

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Of course, they are a simple way to add a pop of color to any room…

Better yet, they help keep travel and the ocean on top of mind!

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Next up is Seattle-based glassybaby.

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The founding product of glassybaby is its “glassybaby” votive, pictured above and below, which comes in various colors and has names that beg us to want each and every one.

Although, the real beauty of the product is that “ten percent from the sale of every glassybaby will be donated directly to glassybaby white light fund to give financial and emotional assistance to those in need,” according to the brand.

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Now that we have something to decorate the walls and light up our evenings, what else could we need for these fall evenings?

Oh yes, we need something to savor while watching our favorite movie.

Bring on the salt water taffy…

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Did we forget to offer up a brand for the salt water taffy?

Well, we must admit, narrowing our choices down to one is quite hard, as we’ve enjoyed the chewy treat from Old Town in San Diego to Mackinac Island in Michigan to New England to London to Sweden and back to Cali.

Although, keeping it local, we have to suggest trying Salty Road, which was born in Brooklyn, New York.

Now, with your Haptic Lab Sailing Ship Kite on the wall, your glassybaby lit and your Salty Road salt water taffy in hand, you’ll be ready for those chilly fall nights.

And, we know you’ll be smiling thinking about the ocean…