All About Candles

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Candles can set the mood, can change the mood and can create the mood.

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For this installment of Otter Living, we will offer up some design inspiration and some candle brands that are Otter-approved.

Try a candle scent that reminds you of a special moment or place…

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Try adding a candle to an existing decorative display – something so simple can be just what’s needed for an instant refresh…

Most of all, be sure to enjoy the candles you buy.

They can instantly transport you to anywhere – even a beach…

Now, let’s look at two of our fav candle brands.

Surf’s Up Candle is a company that offers hand-poured soy candles and is inspired by the Jersey Shore.

With scents that include Beach Bum, Hawaiian Sun, Palm Island and their signature scent – Surf Wax, you can be guaranteed a trip to the beach will happen.

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Be sure to check out Surf’s Up Candle’s website for more information.

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Seventh Avenue Apothecary is based in Tampa, Florida, and the brand uses soy wax, no dyes and a natural coated cotton wick.

Fragrances include Spiced Rum + Coconut, Espresso + Dark Chocolate, Pineapple + Ginger and more.

Be sure to check out Seventh Avenue Apothecary’s website for more information.

So many scents!

Which shall we choose…