Otter Living – Feist Forest

Photo: feistforest/Instagram

For this edition of Otter Living, we wanted to try something different and showcase a brand we only recently discovered.

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Feist Forest specialize in handmade wooden work tables that are made and built with British Ash.

Yeah, you can begin to see why this brand caught our attention.

“Feist Forest is based in an old tin tabernacle in Devon, UK. Together, albeit in different locations, we make wooden work tables to bring independent minds, skills and positive ideas together. A wooden table with creativity and nature at its core.”

Not factory-made but handcrafted, one at a time, in the UK.

“A table for the vagabonds, dreamers and makers who courageously make great ideas happen,” according to the brand.

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Let’s take a peek at some pictures to give you a better idea of what Feist Forest is all about.

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Hello nature!

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A photo posted by Feist Forest (@feistforest) on

Craftsmanship at work.

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A photo posted by Feist Forest (@feistforest) on

Non-toxic paints – we approve!

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These tables seem so simple but so powerful at the same time.

We love how much thought and care has been placed in them, from the wood that is home grown British Ash to the making of the tables in small batches to also the packaging, which the brand uses recycled card and paper pulp padding.

All of these elements combined are reason enough for us to have Feist Forest as this week’s Otter Living sole focus.