Ottergram – Days of Red

photo: laisribeiro/instagram

With everyone enjoying the joy and the possible gift… or two Santa brought, we are going to take some time to today to celebrate red. Or, simply, let’s have a day of red.

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France is not only for red wine, courtesy of French photographer Cécilia Thibier

photo: ceciliaphotographie/instagram model: sonny_sun_ swimwear: nayadeswimwear

Puppies and paws – so sweet!

photo: carolineannkelley bikini: solidandstriped

Island mood by Carmella Rose.

photo: carmellarose/instagram wearing L; revolve, R; arkswimwear

Brazilian model Sofia Resing is sending her Holiday greetings from Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul…

“Wishing everyone a Merry Xmas. Enjoy these precious moments with your loved ones…forgive, show your love, be thankful, mindful, appreciate and never take anything for granted!”

ph: sofiaresing/instagram tl, sommer swim. bl, andi bagus. m, meryplaya. tr, milly. br milly

Santa surf greetings from Bali with Makara Wear!

photo: grebigrebi/instagram model: @sunny_dust swimwear: makarawear

Model Lisa Cowcher is celebrating Christmas the best way possible, in Komodo National Park in Indonesia…

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photo: l_cowcher/instagram

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