Lsea Swimwear – Florida Travel Edition

Photo: lsea swimwear

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Lsea Swimwear has quickly become one of those brands we want to know more and more about. In follow-up from our interview, An Inside Look at Florida-based Lsea Swimwear, here are some Florida hot spots, founder Bethany Ludlam shared with us.

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Over to Bethany…

Favorite Beach?
Atlantic Beach.

Favorite City to Visit?

Your Beach Must-Have(s)?
A bikini, lots of water, a surfboard and waves!

Photo: lsea swimwear

Gulf Side or Atlantic Side?
Atlantic. (The gulf is so beautiful though. I love it all!)

Favorite restaurant or coffee shop?
Tequilas Mexican Restaurant is my favorite restaurant here in Jacksonville. I love Urban Bean ​Coffeehouse Cafe for coffee.

Please finish this sentence. I love to unwind by…
…going for a walk by the water or, of course, watching Netflix.

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