Cooking with Chrissy Teigen

Photo: chrissyteigen/Instagram

Anyone who follows Chrissy Teigen on social media or read any number of her interviews knows she loves food.

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The preparing and cooking of the food is what Chrissy seems to really enjoy.

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As we await for the release of her upcoming cookbook, we thought we’d take a trip to the kitchen with Chrissy as our guide.

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“Spicy mussels ! White wine, crushed tomatoes, onion, garlic and chili flakes! 20 minute meal!”

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“Early stages of the most savory chicken curry humanly possible. All dark meat, so much divine.”

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“About to roast onion and garlic oil on asparagus. Trying to get myself to like this vile weed.”

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“Mom and I just made this out of random fridge shit like a top chef quick-fire challenge.”

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“BLT on King’s Hawaiian with sweeeeet, sweet onion!”

We must interject here for a moment.

Have you tried King’s Hawaiian bread before?

If you haven’t, we highlight recommend giving it a whirl.

It’s a sweet bread that will tease the senses.

Back to Chrissy…

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“All the flavors of an everything bagel packed onto one juicy, fried chicken breast! I want to enter this one into a sandwich contest.”


We can’t keep our opinions to ourselves on this one.

How delicious does this look?! Chrissy – yes – enter this one!

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“Good morning! Homemade raspberry jam with tallegio cheese and some lemon zest yolk. Berries and cheese go together like jayzees and beys.”

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“About to bake what we’re calling ‘yellow cake baked oatmeal’ – Thank you to @thepeachtruck for sending us such beautiful and delicious peaches straight from Georgia!!”

A photo posted by @chrissyteigen on

We know who is already a fan!

Although a release date has yet to be announced, you know we have the Otter Team on the lookout.

Happy Cooking!