Models and Food

Photo Chrissy Teigen/Twitter

Models are often categorized under the bucket as not ever eating.

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We won’t ignore the fact there are problems within the industry but like with any profession, there are always opportunities.

With this post, we are working to prove that models do eat, but many also work hard to maintain their physique.

From Karlie Kloss to Chrissy Teigen to the girls in the latest Taylor Swift video – food is being enjoyed.

Even on our Otter Escape to Rome, we caught the latest edition of Vogue Italia touching on the model and food concept.

We know this is for a shoot, but we feel Heidi Klum enjoys ice cream in moderation.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley getting fit and working hard to keep her body in tip top shape.

Cindy Crawford with some Urban Remedy juice.

Chrissy is enjoying something sweet. Maybe we start the day with Cindy and end the day with Chrissy?

Ett foto publicerat av @chrissyteigen

Elle Macpherson with her Super Elixir.

The Bad Blood Girls.

Karlie’s home sweet home, St. Louis, enjoying her hometown Imo’s Pizza.

Ett foto publicerat av @karliekloss

Ms. Turlington Burns enjoying a sunset at Manyara Ranch, Kilimanjaro.

How can we sum this up?


Yes, Christy has a beer but she is seen quite often out running, marathons included. Also, you often see healthy food items on the menu for many models too, such as Cindy or Elle.

We admit we feel motivated to get a quick workout in and then feeling ready for a reward…