Book Picks – Winter 2018

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Winter is almost officially here, and it is time to find a good book to read during these dark, cold evenings. Some us prefer wine and a good book, while others – ok maybe one or two – prefer hot chocolate with their book. Whichever option you choose, here are our Book Picks for Winter 2018.

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Murder at Chateau sur Mer by Alyssa Maxwell – Md Staff Pick
We love ourselves a good mystery and when it is set in Newport, Rhode Island, we are all onboard. Emma Cross is a society reporter in Newport, and she is also a less well-heeled cousin to the Vanderbilts. When asked to come to Chateau sur Mer, she is confronted with a crime scene. As this would surely be a scandal, as it was at a senator’s home, Emma must use her discretion to investigate, even when she finds out the victim was a prostitute and pregnant and uncovers family secrets.

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The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde – A Model Laken Romine Read
This was first published as a serial story in the July 1890 issue of Lippincott’s Monthly Magazine. The editors thought the story was indecent and deleted five hundred words before publication, which was done without Wilde’s knowledge. Wilde defended his novel from harsh criticism, and he ultimately expanded the magazine edition of his work by publishing it as a novel.

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Racing Bicycles: The Illustrated Story of Road Cycling by Nick Higgins – Md Staff Pick
This is a book for the cycling lover. This book takes a look at road cycling, from the bikes to the races to the riders. It examines the first geared bikes to the modern day time-trial machines and at the penny-farthing races up to the modern Tour de France.

Hawaii by James A. Michener – A Designer and Model Hanalei Reponty-Gudauskas Read
A look at Hawaii’s history when the Polynesian seafarers cross the Pacific to make the Hawaiian Islands their new home. Later, American missionaries would arrive bringing a new way of life. This book looks at how disparate peoples struggling to keep their identity live in harmony and, ultimately, join together.

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Dreams of Falling by Karen White – Md Staff Pick
Larkin Lanier left her home in Georgetown, South Carolina, humiliated and knowing she could not ever go back. Then, she finds out her mother has disappeared and must go back. As she looks for answers, she uncovers secrets that had been kept for nearly fifty years. These secrets are ones of love, sacrifice and betrayal where three girls on the brink of womanhood found their friendship tested in the most heartbreaking ways.

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