Yoga with Tegan Haining

Photo: Teganhaining/instagram

The middle of the week calls for one thing – some much needed downtime.

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Think about the calming sound of the waves crashing against the shoreline.

Think about the gorgeous colors of a sunrise…or a sunset.

Think about…

We know. You need something more.

We have the answer.

To help you take a much needed middle the week break, we’ve enlisted the help of Australian model Tegan Haining.

The beauty of these yoga vinyets is they are functional! Try one or two while on your lunch break or meditate your way through all of them and maybe even repeat them.

Time to unwind and soak in some downtime…

Ett filmklipp publicerat av @teganhaining

Ready for more? Keep going.

Why not try another?

You’ve made it this far – one more to go!

This little bit of downtime was brought to you with love from the MD Team.

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