Working at Patagonia

Photo: Patagonia/Instagram

Joy Howard, a marketing executive at Patagonia, was recently interviewed by the WSJ.  The article examined how Joy commutes to work, often by bike from her home in Ojai to Patagonia’s headquarters in Ventura, California, and other ways she prepares herself to be ready for whatever comes her way.

My entire workout is dedicated to making sure that I’m fit for whatever incredible sport my colleagues invite me to do.

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She also spoke to the amazing food served at the Patagonia office, music she listens to and so much more.

After reading the full article, we became inspired to check out Patagonia’s Instagram and imagined ourself in a role where we too could have fun with some of this gear. It’s work, of course it is.

Dan Malloy gets so excited he leaves his board behind. Photo: Laurent Masurel

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Catching a perfect ride beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. Photo: @dondianda

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