When Pigs Fly

Photo: pacificandpark/Instagram

Pigs have been featured in many of settings, from animated films to household pets.

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Now, what happens when you combine pigs and the beach?

No, they don’t fly as we may have led you to believe. Unless flying in the water counts? You know when you swim you feel like you are flying – flying through the water… Or is this just us?

Back to the point we are trying to make.

You get an Otterlicious look at the normally barnyard animal.

Time to take the pigs to the beach!

Otter Disclaimer: Ok, we know that may sound wrong, but when it’s taken literally, it’s really what we are doing. We promise!

This little piggy went to the beach

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Who's a happy piggie #smiley #pigbeach

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We are thinking this may be one setting you haven’t seen the pig in before.

How the beach holds so many surprises…