Visiting Granville, France – A Travel Guide


France is a country that is enjoyed by every member of our MalenDyer Team. There’s something special about walking its streets, seeing its sites and exploring its countryside. On a recent trip to France, we got to explore Granville, which is a seaside town and in northwest France, in Lower Normandy.

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Time for a little bit of history about Granville…

According to Normandie Tourism, English forces built the earliest fortifications in Granville, which was during the Hundred Years War. Later, the French reclaimed the town. Fast forward to World War II, where the concrete blockhouses still remain from when the German occupied the area.

Now, back to the Travel Guide!

From the people, to the food, to the town itself, Granville is a town that will allow you time to relax and to feel like a local. We recommend grabbing a morning espresso and pastry from one of the cafes in town, getting fresh fruit, veggies and cheese from another family-run shop and then capping it off with a stop by the Casino de Granville or a walk along the beach.

And, be sure to save room for some dessert! Our recommendation is Yver Chocolatier.

Yver Chocolatier
Yver Chocolatier

Meanwhile, back at the beach, you can take a stroll along it. This path will lead you from and around Granville, which includes views from Le Roc (tip of Granville set out in the sea) and of the town that allow to see the town’s Gothic church, to the Musée Christian Dior where the fashion designer lived as a child. From here, you can look down at the sea and breathe in the fresh air.


Although, be sure to keep an eye out for the tide! In fact, if you are interested in seeing Granville’s tidal sea-water swimming pool, you need to time it right or it will be under water, along with the beach itself.

If you are in the mood to take a quick trip out of the city, you can head to Mont Saint-Michel.


However you decide to spend your time in Granville, be sure it includes at least some wine and cheese, but of course!

Travel Guide Highlights – Granville, France:
Enjoy Dessert at Yver Chocolatier
Visit Casino de Granville
Visit Mont Saint-Michel
Visit Musée Christian Dior