Toby’s Estate Coffee Roasters Takes us to Brew School

Photo: tobysbrooklyn/instagram

As you know by now, we have a passion for coffee. There’s something special about having a morning brew or curling up with a hot cup of coffee on those cool evenings or even sipping an iced coffee on those hot summer days.

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Of course, all coffee is not created equal.

Cue our latest adventure, which saw us attending one of Toby’s Estate Coffee Roaster’s Brew School courses. Toby Estate is a small batch roaster that is based in Brooklyn, New York, and we had visited one of its Manhattan coffee shops before, although, this was our first time attending its Brew School.

Toby’s Estate offers quite a few different classes, such as Espresso Foundations and Latte Art. Yet, our class of choice was their Home Brew Methods class.

Photo: tobysbrooklyn/instagram
Photo: tobysbrooklyn/instagram

There were some tips that stood out that we will share:

  • Agitation – keep it to a minimum. Would you offer the best flavors if you kept getting poked and prodded and someone disrupting your normal behavior? Yeah, we didn’t think so.
  • Beans – grinding makes a difference. From course to fine to what you use to grind them, all of this factors in when working to make that perfect brew.
  • Water – keep it pure, but not too pure. Filtered water is ideal, although, you don’t want it so pristine there is no grit left, if you well. Yes, that’s our word. The team at Toby put it much for eloquently.

As for the rest of the tips, we highly recommend taking a class.

The classes are small (a private lesson, group of two or three) and went over various methods that included the V60, Chemex, Aeropress and more. And, we can’t believe it, but we think we found a new brew method!

Photo: tobysbrooklyn/instagram
Photo: tobysbrooklyn/instagram

Don’t worry Bialetti, we will still be using you, as there is always time in the day for more coffee.

Learn more at Toby’s Estate Brew School.