The Otterlicious Side of Stuart Weitzman

Photo: Giseleofficial/Instagram

Stuart Weitzman has Gisele Bündchen returning for the brand’s fall 2015 ad campaign, is based in New York City and Chrissy Teigen has been seen on the arm of Weitzman himself at the recent Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards in NYC.

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Let’s take a closer look at the Otterlicious side of the brand, starting with Gisele.

That hair is perfectly beach-inspired!

Otter Hair Tip: Try braiding your hair while still wet. Once it’s dry, let the tousled look run free. You may want to add mousse for a light hold and gel can work – make sure it’s not too heavy.

Chrissy getting glamorous with the classic Stuart Weitzman 110 Sandals waiting in the wings.

This look begs to be worn to a music festival…

That bag would be a perfect beach accessory though!

Otter Style Tip: Tie-dye may seem passé, but by playing with the colors, such as in the above image, you can make something seem new and fresh again.

We don’t know what to be more excited about – the shoes, the bag, the freshness of the image or the coffee…

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What is the takeaway from this post?

The Otterlicious side of Stuart Weitzman is fun, sexy and carefree.