NYC’s The Line Curates A Must-Shop Swim Collection

New York City’s The Apartment by The Line carries an ever-changing selection of clothing and accessories. The shop is nestled in a gorgeous SoHo space that begs you to stay and linger.

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We recently found out they had a selection of swimwear in, and as to be expected, we were excited.


Everything The Line spoke to in their “Chapter 75 Swim/Suits: Stretching the Sartorial Possibilities” post, echoed what the Malen-Dyer Team believes in when it comes to swimwear- it’s more than fabric but a gateway to so many fashion possibilities.

“Swimsuits can be beautiful or durable, but rarely do they excel at being both.”

“We selected a handful that are stunning as well as seaworthy, and then put them to a new test, far from chlorine, sand, salt, or sun: to serve as a sleek foundation for impeccably tailored jackets and a flattering foil for wide-leg trousers.”


“Designed with artful touches and constructed to allow for maximum freedom of movement, these modern swimsuits make for underlayers that are as intriguing as they are comfortable.”

Not only is The Line’s selection of swimwear gorgeous, but their styling takes it to the next level. We can’t get enough!


“Without a beach or pool in sight, a beautifully designed swimsuit becomes a sleek underlayer that adds polish to casual and formal ensembles alike,” The Line added, which we full-heartedly agree with.

We cannot wait to pair our swimwear with our power suit. Shopping time!


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