The Camera and The Model

Photo: Natalie Roser

We want to introduce you to Natalie Roser, who is a model and a photographer.

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According to her website, “She combines her photography skills with her modeling to create inspirational images from both sides of the camera.”

“With a modeling career that extends to over 10 years, with a strong focus in the commercial industry, Natalie provides her clients with a professional insight that she has gained from working with so many likeminded and inspiring personalities.”

Natalie was Miss Universe Australia 1st Runner Up 2014 and Miss World Australia 1st Runner Up 2013.

She spoke to C-Heads Magazine about health, beauty and more.

In regards to what beauty means to her.

Health. If you treat your body right, overall beauty will come naturally.

She also touched on her love for the swimwear brand, Seafolly Australia, and she prefers summer over winter because “I wasn’t made for the cold.”

As for her beauty secret, “When my skin and hair are feeling really dry I love using pure coconut treatments on them to replace the missing moisture. And it smells amazing!”

Let’s round up this meet and greet with some snaps.

Gooseberry Intimates time!

Time to change course.

After that carb feast of a birthday, it’s time to work-out!

Seems like Natalie takes it all in balance – health, beauty, food and life.