Surfing Magazine’s Swimsuit Edition 2015

Photo SurfingMag Swim/Instagram

We at Malen-Dyer love the beach and everything about it! Now, we have something to share with you, which may come as a surprise for some of you.

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For those of you who think the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue is the best part of the year, we wanted to introduce to you Surfing Magazine’s Swimsuit issue, which arrives at the end of March.

Surfing, the beach + swimwear sounds like a winning combination to us.

For 2015, Surfing Magazine features professional surfers Sage Erickson, Alessa Quizon, Bree Kleintop and Quincy Davis, along with models Alexis Ren, Trew Mullen and Tereza Kacerova.

Here are some snaps to give you a flavor of what to expect from the magazine’s swimsuit issue.

For more of a teaser and more beach shots, check out the video below.

Aren’t you glad we introduced you to Surfing Magazine’s Swimsuit issue? You’re welcome.