Rory Millward on Modeling, Photography and Sports

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We met Rory Millward on one of our latest trips across the pond. We were in London working on a fashion project when we met this up-and-coming British model. In our quest to share more new talent, we connected with Rory to learn about his modeling journey, his passion for photography and what he gets up to in his downtime.

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MalenDyer: Share with us how you got your start in modeling.
Rory Millward: I had been interested in modeling for awhile, after my brother Arlen got in touch with a few agencies, but I had no clue where to start. My first contract with an agency came about when I was walking through Costco with my mum, and the owner of an agency approached me. She told me she liked my look, gave me her card and said to email her if I was interested. I was obviously over the moon with what had just happened.

RM: After doing a shoot with them, we realized they weren’t for me, so we went our separate ways. I then found First Model Management, who I am currently with and couldn’t ask for a better agency!

“I had been interested in modeling for awhile, but I had no clue where to start.”

MD: What misconceptions do you believe people have about the modeling industry?
RM: There are many different opinions on the modeling industry and sometimes no opinions by some people. Being a model is seen as being an easy life, standing where we’re told to, having some photos taken, then getting paid. Since starting modeling, I have realized that it’s quite a lot different to what people may think. There is a lot of traveling, waiting and competition. Models have to prove themselves and show brands why they should choose them out of everyone else, in a very short period of time. But don’t get me wrong, it’s great fun! Modeling is usually seen as something you can’t have a career in, but in my view, it can become a career, if you’ve got what people want.

MD: What are you enjoying most about modeling?
RM: I am really enjoying the social side of modeling and traveling to castings and shoots – I’ve got to meet some awesome new people. The whole experience is great. I have been able to see loads of London and wear some cool, wacky clothes. One of my dreams is to be the face of a brand, advertising their products and representing what they do.

Photo by @karjai_khyme_photography
Photo by @karjai_khyme_photography

MD: Share with us a memorable modeling job.
RM: All of the shoots I have done are memorable, as they have all been great fun and offered a new experience. But, one of the most memorable photoshoots I did was for a university student’s project. I was dressed up in a shirt – a pink jumper with ice cream cones all over it – and had colored gems glued to my face. After the shoot, I then had a filmed interview where I had to create my own character as a star collector who lived in space. I had never done a filmed interview before, let alone pretend to be a gem-ed up star collector.

“Being a model is seen as being an easy life, standing where we’re told to, having some photos taken…it’s quite a lot different to what people may think.”

MD: You can also be found behind the camera. Share with us more about your passion for photography.
RM: When I was about 11, I picked up my mum’s pocket camera and started taking photos of flowers in our garden. From there, I started taking more and more photos. I got my first “proper” camera for my 12th birthday – a bridge camera, a Fujifilm FinePix S. Later, I moved up to a Nikon D3100, which is what I still shoot with and love it.

RM: I have had a number of photography jobs in the past, such as creating photo albums and shooting my brother’s awesome, London-based band created by Callum Gardner. I am also studying A level photography at college and will carry on taking photos, creating new ideas and themes for future work.

Rory M
Rory M

MD: How has understanding photography helped you as a model?
RM: As I am used to being behind the camera, having an understanding of lighting, positioning and what I would like for someone to do when I’m taking photos, has allowed me to understand more about what the photographer is thinking and where they might be coming from. I think that if I hadn’t been used to being around cameras, modeling would have been a completely new experience.

MD: Let’s take a moment and talk a bit about sports. Do you have a favorite sport you play or played?
RM: I have tried out a massive amount of different sports, including: hockey, football and rugby. I never got as far as joining a rugby team because standing on the pitch and not knowing what’s going on, in my PE lessons, was enough for me! I used to play a lot of tennis but stopped at the start of last summer, as I got myself a job that fell on the same day and times. I would definitely love to get back into it.

“I have some hidden talents – I play the drums, jazz/soul piano, cornet and a bit of guitar.”

RM: I go to the gym four times a week, which I love doing. I have met loads of people there, and it makes me feel great and alive. I definitely recommend joining a gym and going a couple of times a week. I have also always ridden some, like scooters, BMX and skateboards. At the moment I am really into skating.

MD: What’s your most memorable sport moment?
RM: My most memorable sporting memory is probably when I went to see one of the 2011 Rugby Wold Cup games at Twickenham.

MD: To close, what’s something you could share with us that may surprise our readers?
RM: I have some hidden talents – I play the drums, jazz/soul piano, cornet and a bit of guitar. My favorite thing to play along to on the drums is funk. I also have size 13 feet, which makes it quite hard for me to find shoes!

Photo by @karjai_khyme_photography
Photo by @karjai_khyme_photography

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