Rodarte Takes us from the Runway to the Beach

Photo: Gregwilliamsphotography/Instagram

We love it when we spot runway pieces at the beach.

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First of all, it doesn’t happen that often, except for resort collections of course. Secondly, once a garment is shown being worn at the beach than there’s a high probability it will be quite function, and we love functional fashion.

Case in point is a Rodarte dress, which features intricate floral beading and a sheer backside, and is from the brand’s spring/summer 2015 collection.

Now, let’s add in a twist.

Ett foto publicerat av @nicolesmallwood77

As you can see, Natalie Portman was recently spotted with the Rodarte dress on while at the Cannes Film Festival where she was onsite to showcase the film, A Tale Of Love And Darkness, which she directed.

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What makes this dress so Otterlicious is what happened next.

Natalie enjoyed some time by the beach while donning the gorgeous dress.

Before we close, you must make sure you check out the back of the dress.

Doesn’t have a swimwear vibe to it?

We love!

Expect to see more on MD from Rodarte!