Photographer Spotlight with Derek Kettela

Photo: lilymdonaldson/instagram

Derek Kettella is one of those photographers that can create a photograph that is much more than something to be glanced at and tossed to the side.

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Instead, Derek’s photographs are ones that will make you want to linger on them for as long as possible.

There’s an art to his work, and it is more than fashion photographs too.

Although Derek began his career snapping action sports, he later moved from Canada to New York City where he took up fashion photography.

Since then, he has snapped images for magazines around the globe, from US Vogue to Glamour Italy to Harper’s Bazaar China, and has worked with a slew of fashion brands, from Anthropologie to Bloomingdale’s to Theory.

Let’s begin this edition of Otter Photographer Spotlight by sharing with you some of our fav images…

We didn’t think the ocean could look any more majestic, until we saw this image…

A photo posted by derekkettela (@derekkettela) on

This photo takes us to State Route One, cruising in a vintage car along California’s coastline…

A photo posted by derekkettela (@derekkettela) on

You know we love ourselves a good Airstream shot!

A photo posted by derekkettela (@derekkettela) on

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Let’s change the mood a bit and look at some images of models, which really speak for themselves.

Lily Aldridge wearing Versace

Irina Shayk enjoying some Mexican sunshine…

A photo posted by derekkettela (@derekkettela) on

Emily Ratajkowski striking a pose…

A photo posted by derekkettela (@derekkettela) on

The face!

The one and only Christy Turlington Burns

A photo posted by derekkettela (@derekkettela) on

To wrap up this Photographer Spotlight series, we’ll leave you with an iconic setting – our beautiful New York City

A photo posted by derekkettela (@derekkettela) on

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Be sure to check out Derek’s Instagram @derekkettela for some more Otterlicious snaps.

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