Photographer Spotlight – Mason Rose

Photo: masonrosephoto/instagram

Mason Rose is a photographer with bases in Hawaii, Australia and Los Angeles.

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We know what you are thinking.

If we would end the talking now, you’d already be in agreement with us.

What we love about Mason’s pics are the simple elegance to them, as there is a stillness yet power to them that begs us to keep looking at them.

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Alright, now it’s on to the pictures so you can see why Mason Rose is our latest pick for our Photographer Spotlight.

Fresh fruit + the ocean – we approve!

Natasha Oakley savoring a moment in the sun…

We think she’ll catch it!

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Now for some shorts!

Rocky Barnes will kick us off…

And Samantha Wills will close it out…

Hard to beat the beauty of the sea…

And here’s Tara Lynn Ventura in a snap we just can’t get enough of…

We’ll close it with how we ended it, with some fruit…

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Be sure to follow Mason Rose on Instagram @masonrosephoto.