Photographer Spotlight – Alessandra Fiorini

Photo: alessandrafioriniphotography/Instagram

Alessandra Fiorini is a Brazilian fashion, beauty and fine art photographer.

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Her portfolio caught our attention because it is filled with beaches, swimwear, models and…

So much more!

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In order to maximize Alessandra’s images, we are going to keep our commentary to the minimum and let the snaps speak for themselves.

Here we go…

Frescobol Carioca beach bats, model Boyko Alina

Boxing workout with Tetyana Veryovkina

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Hawkers Co. shades…

Model, Alice-Alexandra Paunescu

Tennis with Brittney Weed

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Model, Malin Svensson

Hailey McLaine Outland in Vitamin A Swimwear

Model, Joy Corrigan

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Alessandra in action!

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And, we’ll close it out with a snap of Miami…

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To see more of Alessandra’s work, be sure to follow her @alessandrafioriniphotography.