Otter Living – Little Changes, Big Impact

Photo: stbarthchris/Instagram

Spring is beginning to take shape, and we are thinking about many sunny days ahead and which beach we want to hit up next. Alright, we do think about sunshine and beaches all of the time, but spring has a funny way of offering inspiration to think beyond what we normally would do.

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For this reason, we are bringing you a curated selection of Otterlicious Living images that are certain to inspire you, even if you live far away from a beach, an ocean or anything Otterlicious. Remember, the beauty of Otterlicious Living is that it can come to you- wherever you are.

Remember simplicity.

Embrace color- even a little pop will go a long way.

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Blend the old with the new.

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As with everything Otterlicious, have fun with your home and make it your own.