Otterlicious Adventure- Will there be Otters?

Photo: Natacha Overin/Instagram

Since Malen-Dyer’s roots are in Southern California, the area holds a soft spot in our hearts.

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We recently discovered Natasha Overin, who was raised in SoCal and seems to love many of the same things we do- the beach and nature, just to name a couple.

Here’s some background on her.

I was raised in a little beach town in Southern California, where I grew up surrounded by the ocean. Perhaps this is why I have such a profound love and respect for nature. My childhood was filled with long days at the beach, catching waves with my brothers and a boundless creative energy, which I embraced wholeheartedly.

She sounds like someone who would be a great tour guide!

Let’s go on an Otterlicious Adventure with this SoCal native.

Wait. We wonder if we will find some otters?

Let’s find out!

Time to get out of the water, dry off and head to land.

Cruising|All red everything

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Sorry, no otters on this Otterlicious Adventure. Although, we saw some pretty cool sites and the underwater adventure alone was pretty epic.

We love the Otterlicious Life.