Ottergram Roundup – Weekends are For…

Photo: nikolmoracova/instagram

Weekends for many are a time to get away from the the realities of everyday life.

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Maybe this means meeting up with friends, savoring a cup of coffee while catching up on MalenDyer or taking a weekend adventure.

Wherever you get to spend these last weekends of summer, we hope they include some of the fun we’ve brought together for this week’s Ottergram Roundup.

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Let’s get this weekend fun underway!

First, it’s time to hit pause to take in the moment…

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And, feel the sand between our toes…

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And embrace the salty water and the warmth of the sun…

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Moving onto something a bit more adventurous…

We are exploring the sea and a great orca chase crosses our path.

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However your summer weekends unfold, be sure to take some time to bum around and enjoy each and every moment…

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We are wishing all of you an Otterlicious weekend.