Ottergram Roundup – Time to Wake Up!

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We know how it goes…

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Your alarm goes off.

You hit snooze.

The alarm goes off again.

You think, “Just five more minutes.”

Well, not to worry, as we got you covered.

We got morning motivation that will help you when you get stuck in bed…

Start with some day dreaming!

It will help you to crack a morning smile…

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Even if you don’t have one, imagine your own slice of heaven – an outdoor shower!

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In case you are still in need of some motivation, remember…

Food always helps!

His and Her breakfast…

Or, maybe you could plan a brunch date with some good friends.

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Don’t forget to include a cup of coffee!

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Speaking of food…

If all else fails…

Do what we do and think of the beach!

“I only jog on the beach. And I wear my sporty bikini. And sometimes I like to roll on the sand like a sushi roll.” – Little Tahiti

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Maybe you are like some of our MD Team members that need a good morning cardio boost.

Here’s a six minute Ab workout, featuring former Australian pole vaulter, Amanda Bisk.

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Work it!

We are sorry to break this to you, but it’s time.

Let’s stop hitting snooze because it’s time to get dressed.

First things first…a color crush!

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Alright, we’ll give in.

Take five more minutes before you get up…

Take a moment to relish in the stillness before the day begins…

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One last piece of motivation – tomorrow will bring some more Otterlicious goodness.

Stay tuned to what we will bring you next!