Ottergram Roundup – Time to Cool Off

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As temperatures are rising, we know what’s needed.

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Something cooling and refreshing.

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Well, you have come to the right place.

Time to get refreshed!

Good morning sailor!

Yes, we had to start with some coffee!

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We are from the school of thought that what you wear will help you cool off – not in the amount you wear but the prints you wear – which is why palm trees on your swimsuit just makes too much sense.

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Feet in the water and a smile on the face…

Sun feels good but shade can feel oh so good too…

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How about a refreshing outdoor shower

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or a dip in the sea?

Alright, yes, let’s do that!

The ultimate way to cool off in the summer heat…

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Don’t you just love the beach?

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After a long day, the only thing that can match a dip in the sea is a comfy bed…

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Sweet dreams!

We’ve had our morning coffee, and now we need to get ourselves to the sea…