Ottergram Roundup – Summer Nights

Photo: emkretz/instagram

There’s something special about summer nights.

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The carefree feeling that is exuded, the love of life and the appreciation for the simple things all seem to come out during this time.

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For this edition of Ottergram Roundup, we are paying homage to the beauty and fun of summer nights.

As dusk falls, summer nights begin…

Which may be at a local hangout…

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Or, at a nearby fair surrounded by friends…

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Maybe the summer night you will always remember was when you got to enjoy the sunset on one of your favorite beaches…

Here’s a snap of Meadow Beach in Cape Cod.

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Or, maybe it was when you stared up at the stars while feeling the sand underneath of you…

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Looking up on a summer night is oh so rewarding…

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If it happens to rain, no sweat, take a moment and reflect…

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Until next time, see ya later cowboys!

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While they last, be sure to enjoy each and every summer night, as you don’t ever know which one will be the one you will remember for many summers to come.