Ottergram – Moving Along


With the Monaco Grand Prix having happened in May, it seemed fitting to take a look at cars – with a MalenDyer twist. We’ve included some of our model muses in this edition of Ottergram, along with some new faces.

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When in Miami…cars and a café seem to go hand-in-hand…


Beach-side, from day to night…

Gear up, it’s Monaco Grand Prix time!


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Brazilian model Cindy Mello, photographed by Cody McGibbon, is exuding Miami vibes…


Our model muse Agnes Fischer hanging (literally) in Misty Cliffs in Cape Town…


French model Priscilla Mezzadri shows us how to pack light and turn up the top…


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Another of our model muses making an appearance in this Ottergram is Katerina Giannoglou who seems to have the camping concept down!


Victoria Vergara – surfer, model and artist – is wrapping it all up for us with this surf-time shot…


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