Interview with Model McKenna Waitley

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McKenna Waitley was born and raised in San Diego.

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Of course that’s a good start, but this SoCal native really caught our attention because of her unique blend of athleticism, beach love and appreciation for fashion!

Here’s more about McKenna the athlete.

She was not only selected for the Olympic Development program, played Division 1 soccer at the University of Washington but she also spent time playing for the professional soccer team, Houston Aces.


With this background, you can see why brands such as Lucy Activewear, Under Armour, Athleta, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Asics, Puma, Prana, Beyond Yoga and others snapped her up for modeling jobs.

As for the beach love, well, she is from San Diego – an area where it’s easy to enjoy the beach and all goes with it, if we do say so ourselves.

If this wasn’t enough, she’s also the founder and voice behind the style blog, The Lady Tomboy.

Yep, she is checking all of the MalenDyer boxes!

McKenna Waitley
McKenna Waitley

With all of that said, let’s get the conversation started!

1. What do we find in your beach bag?
“Sunscreen, Maui Babe Browning Lotion, my Pendleton towel and always a book by Paulo Coelho.”

2. What’s your must-do workout? Or, do you have a secret workout tip?
“I do a mix of everything. I always do core work – planks and push-ups, as you can do them anywhere.”

3. How do you prepare for a long flight?
“I bring snacks, my iPad and load up with tons of classical symphonic music. I really like Mozart.”

4. What’s on top of your bucket list?
“To paint an elephant and ride it. Maybe in Thailand…”

5. What’s your must-visit place, if you only had one holiday to plan?
“I would have to say Bali is on my mind right now.”

6. What’s your favorite animal?
“That’s so hard.”

“Baby elephants are cute!”

7. What does modeling offer you?
“It originally offered me another path into the sports world. Now, it has given me amazing travel experiences, and I get to be inspired daily by creative artists like myself.”

8. What did you study for? Or, what did you want to study to be?
“I mainly feel like I studied soccer in college, as it was six days a week for four years.”

“Although I studied communications in college, I focused on sports broadcasting and interned my senior year at Fox News in Seattle. I have always been passionate in front of and behind of the camera. I love to create.”

9. What’s your must-have beauty product?
“Three things, I’m pretty simple!”

– “Coconut Oil – I love the smell and my skin just soaks it up.”

– “Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray – I’ve been using it for years, and it’s the best for beach hair.”

– “Ceramic Curling Iron – I’ve had mine since high school, and it gives the best natural waves.”

10. What’s your favorite beach activity?
“I have been enjoying learning how to surf and am getting better. I also love beach soccer and volleyball!”

It all sounds fun to us!


McKenna has inspired us to head to the beach and to workout…

McKenna Waitley
McKenna Waitley

Yeah, maybe we’ll just head to the beach and see what happens…

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McKenna Waitley
McKenna Waitley

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Be sure to follow McKenna on Instagram @mckennza and be sure to check out her style blog, The Lady Tomboy.

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