Interview with Snowboarder Olya Smeshlivaya

Photo: smeshlivaya/instagram

You may recognize Olya Smeshlivaya from a previous article we wrote – Model (and Snowboarder) Spotlight with Olya Smeshlivaya. After we published that piece, we immediately reached out to Olya for our Otter Ten Interview series – we had to learn more about her.

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To get you up to speed and to complement what we have already covered, Olya has been snowboarding since 2005 and competing since 2010. She has won the Half-Pipe Russian Championship in 2011, the Big-Air Russian Championship in 2012 and got first place at the Europe Cup in 2013, among other wins and notable finishes.

Before we continue, here’s a clip of Olya in action.

And, between all of this, she also models!

Below is a snap of her modeling for Rip Curl.

Photo: smeshlivaya/instagram
Photo: smeshlivaya/instagram

Now, let’s hear from Olya…

MalenDyer: What do you love most about snowboarding?
Olya Smeshlivaya: Snowboarding makes me happy. The feelings – nothing can compare to being up on the mountain, to feel this energy of the nature view and feel free on my snowboard.

Photo: Olya Smeshlivaya
Photo: Olya Smeshlivaya

MD: Where is the one place that no matter when you go, you always have great snow and nice runs?
OS: Every year I go to the Colorado mountains in the USA – they have one of the best snowboard parks and it’s always fun to ride with the friends.

MD: If you aren’t snowboarding, what do we find you doing?
OS: If I have a chance, I always go on the ocean and do surfing. I just love to spend time in the water under the sun and to catch some waves.

Photo: smeshlivaya/instagram
Photo: smeshlivaya/instagram

MD: Switching from snowboarding – as you are so often traveling, how do you prepare for a long flight?
OS: If my flight is in the morning, I usually pack my luggage in the night and try to get super tired to cut down [time] during the flight.

MD: What’s your must-visit place, if you only had one holiday to plan?
OS: I wasn’t yet in South America – planning to go there one day for a trip around.

MD: What’s your favorite animal?
OS: I love dogs. They are the best friends of the human.

MD: What’s your go-to fashion brand?
OS: Rip Curl and Vans are totally my style of brands. I love everything they do and keep wearing them every day.

Photo: olya smeshlivaya
Photo: olya smeshlivaya

MD: What’s your must-have beauty product?
OS: Mascara – I wear it every day. I like it when my eyes looks more expressive.

MD: As you also model for various brands, what does modeling offer you?
OS: I do modeling not really often. I prefer to do the photos during the real life for different brands that are sponsoring me – lifestyle photos are good.

MD: You mentioned surfing, when you get to the sea, what do we find in your beach bag?
OS: Sunglasses for sure, iPod – my music is everywhere with me, iPhone – to stay connected, sun cream – to not get burned and a bottle of water – always good to have.

MD: Bonus Question: What are you reading or listening to right now?
OS: In my iPod, it’s lots of different music – mostly it is hip hop. These days I’m reading the Shantaram book, very interesting story about the man who ran away from the prison in Australia and survived in India.

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Photo: smeshlivaya/instagram
Photo: smeshlivaya/instagram

And that concludes this installment of the Otter Ten.

We know – we can’t believe it’s over already either!

On that note, be sure to follow Olya on Instagram @smeshlivaya to stay current on all of her adventures.

Until next time…

P.S. The featured image includes a snowboard from Völkl Snowboards.