Interview with Photographer France Duque

Photo: France Duque (Scarlett Rose for SURFING Magazine)

When we first came across France Duque, we quickly became obsessed with her work.

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From the bluest of seas to the uniquely captured nature shots, we were hooked on her photos.

After doing some research, we came to discover she is the other half of Gremly Media – along with Jesse Rambis. While France focuses on photography, Jesse heads video production – the duo have worked to bring some amazing moments to life.

From working on editorial and campaigns, such as ále by Alessandra with Alessandra Ambrosio and Monday Swimwear, to working with actors, singers and dancers to shooting special life moments, such as weddings, it’s safe to say Gremly Media has a broad range to their portfolio.

And of course, this also meant we had to learn more!

For this edition of our Otter Ten, we got to interview the Belgian behind the camera – France.

1. What has been your favorite location/place to shoot in?
“I absolutely love shooting in the Bahamas the most. Not only because I grew up there and it feels like home, but also because it is such a beautiful location.”

“The water is crystal clear, the beaches are stunning and the endless chain of islands and abundant sea life is second to none.”

Photo: France Duque
Photo: France Duque

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2. Where is the one location/place you want to shoot in and haven’t yet?
“Africa and Thailand would be the top two on my list of places I would like to shoot.”

3. What do you love most about being a photographer?
“The creativity and freedom. I also think it is very cool to be able to capture images that showcase a specific place and time. Essentially, a memory you will be able to look back on forever.”

4. For those on the other side of the camera, nerves must often arise – any tricks to help calm those nerves?
“There really is not an easy way to get used to it other than constantly being in front of the camera. The more you are in front of it, the more used to it and comfortable you will become.”

Photo: France Duque (Natasha Oakley for Camilla)
Photo: France Duque (Natasha Oakley for Camilla)

5. With many of your campaigns and editorials shot on the beach – where nature can have a mind of its own – do you have a stand out moment that surprised you, caught you (or others) off guard, etc. during the shoot?
“Unfortunately, not really anything too crazy. I guess the most fun/surprising memories are ones of a whole crew of people and models running to shelter when a rain storm rolls through.”

6. With so much traveling, how do you prepare for a long flight?
“Movies and iPhone games…”

“Lots and lots of movies and iPhone games.”

7. What do you like to do in your downtime?
“Travel. I want to see everything the world has to offer!”

Photo: France Duque
Photo: France Duque

8. With so many beach shots, you must enjoy the beach. What do we find in your beach bag?
“My beach bag is usually pretty interesting. It usually has my camera, 50 bikinis, a hat and sunglasses….and maybe my dogs Taco and Nacho.”

9. What piece of clothing or fashion accessory is your go-to?
“I don’t really have go-to fashion accessory. I usually just stick with bikinis and cover ups.”

10. What’s your must-have beauty product?
“Tons of conditioner for my salty beach hair and anything waterproof.”

Photo: France Duque (Juliana Herz for SURFING Magazine)
Photo: France Duque (Juliana Herz for SURFING Magazine)

Bonus Question: What would we find you reading/listening to right now?
“I am obsessed with listening to Odesza right now.”

After this interview, we are ready to go bikini shopping, hop on the next flight to the Bahamas and start snapping some pics.

Of course they won’t be as quality as France’s are but at least we can pretend!

Until next time…

Be sure to follow France on Instagram @FranceDuque and check out the “Gremlies” at Gremly Media.