Interview with Model Emily Gurr

Photo: emmgurr/instagram

Emily Gurr hails from Australia and is a model, student and blogger.

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When she’s not traveling, working or studying, she can be spotted at the beach or hanging out with friends.

Here’s a teaser as to what you can expect from this Otter Ten.

“I love travel, as it broadens perspective and keeps me active. I love the ocean and heat, I guess you could say I am solar powered.” – Emily

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Let’s get this edition of Otter Ten underway…

MalenDyer: You’re currently studying fashion and business, was this a path you always envisioned for yourself?
Emily Gurr: I started out in architecture. I really did enjoy it, however, it took up a lot of my time. Being a young, naive girl who was obsessed with fashion and practices of dress, I decided to switch to fashion and business, so I would have more time to work and be studying something specific to my interests.

EG: I still have a couple of years to go and have found that working in the fashion industry has taught me a lot. When I obtain my degree, I would ideally love to work in either fashion journalism and TV presenting or creative direction and styling. I think I would be good at buying also.

Photo: emmgurr/instagram
Photo: emmgurr/instagram

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MD: How would you summarize your style, in three words?
EG: Monochrome. Eclectic. Vintage.

MD: Which fashion basics do you always have to have on hand?
EG: Rings, boots and a black, quirky bralette.

MD: What is your must-have beauty item?
EG: A good, thick face moisturizer or coconut oil. Because make-up is always being applied to my face for work, it tends to dry out. A good face moisturizer helps my skin maintain a nice, natural glow.

Photo: emmgurr/instagram
Photo: emmgurr/instagram

MD: As you’ve been snapped in both, do you prefer a bikini or one piece?
EG: I think I prefer a one piece – just because I’m not the most curvaceous person, and I’ve always had a little bit of tomboy in me. So, I feel a little more comfortable in a full piece.

EG: It has to be a cool one though, preferably with high side cuts. [She says with a smile.]

EG: In all honesty, I’m not really that fussed.

Photo: emmgurr/instagram
Photo: emmgurr/instagram

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MD: You’ve mentioned you love traveling, what has been your favorite place you’ve visited?
EG: That is a hard one.
I did love Berlin in the summertime. It is such a quirky and lively place. It is easy to meet and talk to the locals, and there is so much art history and culture. In the summer, it is especially vibrant with great markets and nightlife.

MD: When on holiday, would you rather spend your days filled with different adventures or relaxing?
EG: Adventures for sure. My dad was a professional footballer, so exercise and being active has always been a priority in our household. It is also the best way to see and experience different culture and landscapes when you are traveling around.

Photo: emmgurr/instagram
Photo: emmgurr/instagram

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MD: What’s something you can’t leave home without?
EG: As bad as it sounds, I’m going to be honest and say my phone. It helps me with directions and helps me communicate with and find people to do things with. Also, water – it is so important to drink lots of water!

MD: Would you rather be the one driving or the one along for the ride?
EG: Driving. I love driving and being in control of what I’m doing.

Photo: emmgurr/instagram
Photo: emmgurr/instagram

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MD: What’s your favorite type of food?
EG: At the moment, I love fresh sashimi and mango.

Photo: emmgurr/instagram
Photo: emmgurr/instagram

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MD: Bonus Question: What would we find you doing in your downtime?
EG: In my downtime I will be at the beach, if the surf is good or the sun is out.

MD: Ok, last one – what’s your favorite animal?
EG: My favorite animal would be dogs because they are such loyal and intelligent creatures. I have had my dog, well he acts more like a human being than a dog, since I was very little. Geords is about 17 now, so he is getting on. But, he is part of our family, and we all love him so much.

Photo: emmgurr/instagram
Photo: emmgurr/instagram

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From modeling to traveling to studying fashion, there is so much to Emily! We are certain this is one model we are going to see a lot more of in the future.

Stay tuned!

In the meantime, be sure to follow Emily on Instagram @emmgurr and check out her her blog, Isosceles.

Until next time…