Interview with Fashion Designer Custo Dalmau of Custo Barcelona

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The Spanish brand, Custo Barcelona, caught our attention during their spring/summer 2016 fashion show – the colors, the styles, the designs, they were all calling our name!

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It was then we knew we had to find out more.

Starting with the brand itself…

The idea for the brand occurred while brothers Custo and David Dalmau were on a motorcycle trip across America. The duo became inspired by the laid-back attitude of Southern California. From there, the brothers returned to Barcelona and began designing t-shirts for women and men, according to The Cut.

Now, our infatuation was making sense – SoCal, a motorcycle trip across America, t-shirts…

Remember, MalenDyer began as a SoCal-inspired t-shirt company.

With that said, we got to learn even more about the brand, as we were able to interview, Custo Dalmau.

MalenDyer: As it was the deigns from the spring/summer 2016 collection that really caught our eye, can you share some insight into the design process?
Custo Dalmau: At the beginning of the season, we sit down to decide where we want to take the new collection. Sometimes we already know that we want to try this or this other new technique; but other times we imagine something and then we need to figure out how to make it happen. The product, fabrics, printing development are really exciting for us.

Photo: custobarcelona/instagram
Photo: custobarcelona/instagram

MD: Many of the designs incorporate a variety of materials and colors, is there one material you like to work with the most?
CD: We have tried many of them, but if I had to choose just one, I guess cotton is irreplaceable.

MD: As it relates to your SS16 collection, do you have a stand out piece or category?
CD: For the women’s collection, the key proposals are muscular patchwork garments, dresses, coats, jackets, tops, tunics and pants, featuring organic cuts inspired by ergonomics and puzzles. These pieces play on their muscular shapes, marked off with contrast stitching and gaps that emerge when they are joined.

Photo: custobarcelona/instagram
Photo: custobarcelona/instagram

MD: We love all of your swimwear for SS16. Is the design and/or creative process different when it comes to swimwear as to other categories within the collection?
CD: We really integrate the swimwear in the general collection, as it can be used as part of an outfit, so I would say the process is very similar.

MD: For those of us living in New York City where the predominant wardrobe choice is black, any suggestions on how we can begin adding color to our wardrobe?
CD: You just do it! Try, and then you will keep it in your wardrobe. Color affects us emotionally.

Photo: custobarcelona/instagram
Photo: custobarcelona/instagram

MD: What do you love most about Spain, which of course seems to fuel much of the inspiration for your collections?
CD: I love the way we live there, especially in Barcelona. The Mediterranean lifestyle really exists.

MD: What continues to drive you and inspire you to keep the collections and designs coming?
CD: We really love what we do, and I guess the day we don’t feel this love anymore, we would have to stop doing it. This enthusiasm is what drives us.

Photo: CustoBarcelona/instagram
Photo: CustoBarcelona/instagram

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Happy shopping!

And yes, we cannot wait for the next collection from Custo Barcelona.