Otter Shop Weekly – Hats and Caps

Photo: Rocky Barnes/Instagram

Hats and caps offer more than sun protection, which we approve of by-the-way, as they are also a simple way to spice up any outfit.

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Of course you can add character to your ensemble by choosing a bikini, a one piece or a top or a bottom that is all you, but a hat can take it to the next level.

In a nod to this school of thought, we are dedicating this week’s Otter Shop to hats and caps.

Ett foto publicerat av AGATHA (@agathavpw)

We are loving her hat – adds a nice pop of a complementary color to her outfit.

Check out how the flowers take the look to a different level.

Ett foto publicerat av vy (@lolliswim)

How cute is she in this hat?!

A classic baseball cap is a great way to add a sportier edge to your outfit.

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What’s on your to-do list this weekend?

You guessed it.

Hat shopping!