Otter Shop Weekly – Handbags

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You know it. We know it.

Shop at AG Jeans!

It’s hard to have one amazing outfit without an equally fantastic handbag.

Or, if you are looking for that one item to invest in, it’s a handbag that will pull your look together.

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For this week’s Otter Shop, we have pulled together some of our fav handbags, backpacks and totes.

We got all of the categories covered so you have something Otterlicious with you at all times.

Start your engines.

Yes, we are still in the vintage car state of mind from earlier this week.

Time to go shopping!

The first brand up is 3 Lily Pads.

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The green accents offer a subtle but impactful detail – a slick way to add color to any outfit.

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Speaking of color, this handbag will have you in a summer mood, even if you just threw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

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The size of this bag is what caught our attention. It’s that ideal mid-size bag that allows you to pack your sunscreen, sunglasses and a change of shoes or a top to make your transition from day to night easier.

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Marc Jacobs is next on our list.

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The color and the style. Is there really more we need to say about this?

Of course!

The handbag can be styled with so many different outfits, which makes it one of those rare versatile summer bags.

A photo posted by Marc Jacobs (@marcjacobs) on

Function meets fashion – always a win.

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Now for some Helen Kaminski.

We are starting off with the casual and classy tote that would be great to bring to the office on a summer Friday…

Then, we thought it’d be a nice twist to throw in an animal-printed tote.

Why not have fun with your handbags?

We like to.

Now that you have all of these handbag ideas, what do you pack in them?

You guessed it!

We’ll leave you with two more totes, which are from Kitch – Erin Roberts

Both of these are simply Otterlicious…

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Happy shopping!