Otter Shop – Dolce & Gabbana and Portofino, Italy

Photo: dolcegabbana/instagram

Dolce & Gabbana has won us over with their latest collection for Net-a-Porter.

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This limited-edition collection draws inspiration form Portofino, Italy, and exudes the Italian Riviera vibe in every piece.

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Time to share with you the pieces we just can’t get enough of…

All pieces available at net-a-porter
All pieces are available via Net-a-Porter’s D&G Portofino pop-up boutique.

Otter Style Tip: With pieces like these that have bold prints, be sure to allow them to be the centerpiece of your outfit – even if it’s the accessories. Then, you can be sure they get their proper accolades.

Time to see how D&G brings it all together…

Positano, Italy, in the Amalfi Coast…

We know this isn’t Portofino, but it certainly is Otterlicious…

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Oh how we love ourselves some Italy and what better way to bring some of that warm Mediterranean air and sea to wherever your Otterlicious day takes you than by donning (at least) one of these D&G pieces.