Otter Shop – Activewear and a Special Challenge

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Activewear and a challenge in the same breath may seem as if we have a workout in store for you.

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As you know, we like to keep you on your toes.

More on the challenge in a minute.

If you obey all the rules, you miss all the FUN.

Katherine Hepburn

Keeping that thought in mind, we are going to help you make working out fun by playing with color.

Even if we are sneaking in a morning workout before the sun comes up, we always feel better if we are in some color.

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As for that fun challenge…

There are two celebs within this post – can you spot them?

Mahiku Activewear

Otter Style Tip: Prints in color are another way to take your workout gear to the next level.

Otter Style Tip: Don’t be afraid to mix and match prints and colors.

Otter Style Tip: A stylish way to get your beach fill while adding a layer of sun protection.

Vie Active

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Otter Style Tip: We love how prints and color can change the mood. This print is perfect for some de-stressing yoga.

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Remember to rest in-between…

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And to stretch afterwards!

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Did we just stick a mini workout in here?

Or, did we just show you how versatile activewear can be?

We’ll let you decide.

Dharma Bums

We love these pants!

Otter Style Tip: If you aren’t sure if color is for you, add a neutral piece to balance out the look.

After a hard workout, be sure to treat yourself!

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These pants just exude confidence!

We took take on a triathlon…

Yeah, we got ahead of ourselves here.

Stone Fox

Flower power!

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For the kid in us all.


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So different!

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Otter Style Tip: A wide waistband on leggings is ideal – you’ll worry less about having to pull them up and instead focus on the tasks at hand.

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Crop It Like It’s Hot!

Of course we didn’t forget about bikinis and wetsuits, as they count as activewear in our book!

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Were you able to guess the two celebs that made a cameo in this edition of Otter Shop?

They were…

Samantha Hoopes and Kate Hudson.

Be sure to share your colorful activewear snaps with us – we want to see how you add color to your workout.