Otter Obsession – Under Armour ‘I Will What I Want’

Photo: underarmourwomen/Instagram

Under Armour‘s “I Will What I Want” campaign has us motivated.

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The campaign highlights strength and focuses on health while proving hard work pay off.

We are getting inspired just talking about it!

For UA’s campaign, they have enlisted a roster that includes:

  • Alex Aust, Attack, U.S. Lacrosse
  • Kathryn Budig, International Yoga Teacher
  • Gisele Bündchen, Model
  • Brianna Cope, Pro Surfer
  • Misty Copeland, Ballerina
  • Dominique Maltais, Canadian Snowboarder
  • Kelley O’Hara, Defender, U.S. Soccer
  • Natasha Hastings, U.S. Sprinter
  • Natalie Uhling, Trainer
  • Jana Webb, Joga Creator and Trainer
  • Yes, this is quite the line-up with athletes from all walks of life.

    To take this Otter Obsession to the next level, let’s keep going…

    Natalie Uhling | Radius Master Trainer – Creator of NUFit, JumpCut, Triple Threat and RoundHouse & Summer Series.

    Brianna Cope | Professional Surfer from Kauai.

    Misty Copeland | Principal Dancer with American Ballet Theatre

    Lindsey Vonn | Olympic Skier and Founder of the Lindsey Vonn Foundation

    Gisele Bündchen

    Kelley O’Hara | U.S. Soccer and Recent Team USA World Cup Winner

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    We are certain you can understand why Under Armour’s “I Will What I Want” campaign is our latest Otter Obsession.

    Now, where did we put our tennis shoes…