Otter Obsession – Ray-Ban

Photo: RayBan/Instagram

Ray-Ban is one of those classic brands that have stayed true to who they are – eyewear.

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Sure, they may have veered slightly one way or another, but they always have remembered their core.

Remember Tom Cruise sporting Ray-Ban aviators in Top Gun?


There is something about putting on a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses that instantly transports us to a sunny beach and most importantly, allows us to define our style in our own way.

With this said, Ray-Ban is this week’s Otter Obsession.

Time to check out some shades!

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How amazing is she? We want to meet her!

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Now the big question, a coffe out in the city or bum on the beach.. you decide!

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As you know, we love having fun with accessories and eyewear is one way to do it.